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Sopor with Blind Guardian on one stage


One of the biggest our dreams will soon come true because we're performing with legendary Blind Guardian on may, 25th. We can't wait to see you all up there!

Sopor na Poznan Core Night


It's good to remember the date 28 of August because there is going to smashing event. Be ready!


Sopor supports Kruk in Poznan


Prepear for huge energy and crushing bones. See you in 3 weeks time!


Fährmannsfest 2013 in Hannover (Germany)


We're back with a lot of great memories. Thank you all for great welcome and crazy festival's mood. Warm greetings for all new German fans. We hope to see you next year! You can find photos from the festival using address below or clicking on our gallery.

Emergenza Festiwal - Polish final


After many difficulties and struggles with equipment, long rehersals, hectolitre of sweat we're comeing back to Poznan with proud in our hearts. Thanks to your support from the very begining we took third place in Polish final. Surely we'd prefer first place, nevertheless we are very happy.

Premiere of our first album


Great news for our fans. On the 9th of June will be premiere of our first album "Tajemna Moc". Just before the date everyone can buy it with the book "Kolory Nadziei" only for 65 zl. After premiere the publishment will cost 85 zl. Besides Sopor's CD in the book you will find Ryszard Wolbach album and of course beautiful story which will bring Sun to your life written by Barbara Szafraniec. More info:

New members of the band


Sopor has new members: Marek Kajdrys (Drums) and Guffy (Bass). Tommorow begin long and hard rehersals to create perfect sound of the band. The keyboard player is still needed. We are looking forward to your applications.

New Sopor's site begins its existance


Sopor's official website has started working just a moment ago. You can find here news, info about the band members, upcoming gigs, some photos, videos and you can listen some of the Sopor's songs.

Sopor: Tajemna Moc

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