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CD - Tajemna Moc


      1. Marsz cieni
      2. Tajemna moc
      3. Obłęd
      4. Mój przyjaciel strach
      5. Chuut gaye sab praan
      6. W cieniu drzew
      7. Na pozór inni
      8. Ja
      9. Wspomnienia
      10. Spacer po tęczy
      11. Taniec mima
      12. Polany słońca
      13. W objęciach żywiołów
      14. Niezwyciężeni

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Welcome in the world of Sopor, the place of my dreams. There are no rules, only emotions change chaos into melodies. Unimpeded movement of thoughs, desires and secrets, about which most of us would be scared to even mention, create here word by word, note by note. They encroach into people's souls revealing human's weaknesses and give energy to overcome them. You will gain unbelievable power, alleviation and breath you couldn't have taken for so long...

Sopor's first album "Tajemna Moc" is a part of rock opera "Kolory Nadziei" and a book publishment with the same name as the spectacle has. It tells a story of a man who've lost everything. The man who has been on the edge of nervous breakdown and thanks to will power and positive thinking he doesn't give up. Music from the CD describes character's all emotional states: from despair, fear and agony, through uncertainty and doubt to firmness, self-confidence, faith, and joy of victory.

"Tajemna Moc is a music of contrasts."
Konrad Beniamin Puławski, LMF

"The best record in the album is title song Tajemna Moc. It's a quintessence of how symph metal song should sounds like."

"Tajemna Moc is one of the most interesting this year's albums which was recorded by Polish band. (...) This amazing thig was made with extraordinary imaginativeness and what's more with Polish lyrics which aren't a scribbling even for a moment!"

Piotr Michalski,

"Arrangement suprises with its complexity, oryginality and performance."
Kuba Chmiel,

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