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Sopor is a new band consisted of four keen musicians for whom there are no limits in melodies and sounds. What distinguishes them is first of all unique joining heavy sounds with lirical melodies of symphonic instruments, which absorb even the most demanding people attention. Hard rock section interweawes with mighty orchestra there.Diversity of instruments enchants listeners. There are many distinctive guitar riffs, dynamic percussion rythmes,heroic choirs, virtuosic piano melodies, harps, flutes and strings. Those, who are tired of monotonous metal compositions, will feel fresh breath of wind and those, who aren't keen on hard music, will be surprised that there is so many beautiful and sensitive melodies.

Sopor's music is a part of a rock opera spectacle - "Kolory Nadziei (Colours of hope). The premiere took place on October 4th, 2012 in Sala Kongresowa PKiN, Warsaw - the most prestigious concert hall in Poland. The band also took the third place in Polish final of Emergenza festival. In August they represented city of Poznan at the Fäehrmannsfest 2013 in Hannover.

On June 9th, 2013 Sopor in association with the publishing "Kolory Nadziei" released its first long play "Tajemna Moc" (Secret Power).

Band members

Kamil Szafraniec - electric guitar
Rafi Ohydek I - bass guitar
Ryszard Pióro - drums
Karolina Kaiser - violin

Sopor: Tajemna Moc

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